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Certain hard costs (copyright filing fee, domain registration, ISBN imprint, author web hosting) are borne by the author. Other expenses, including merchant fees, shipping costs, printing, labor intensive service fees, book design and layout, graphics design, are shared equally between the author and the publisher. We treat authors as partners and strive to be fair and equitable in all of our dealings.

The CDES Publishing program can offer a tremendous advantage to the new or established author with a modest reader base.

Some of the Benefits:

#1. You split the costs and the net revenue with the publisher - fair and square 50%-50%; you directly participate in design and marketing decisions, and you will have access to regular reports showing how your book is doing, with sales and profit/loss statements. Checks are mailed or direct deposit transfers are made on, or before, the 7th of the following month.

Ala Carte Prep Services

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  • Book Design
  • Graphics Design
  • Editing & conversions

#2. Each author and book that CDES Publishing accepts into this program is a substantial investment for our company. We are NOT a large, publicly traded company where you will get lost in the shuffle. Most editorial, formatting, and book design decisions are made in a collaborative manner. While the publisher does have the final word - it’s seldom an arbitrary decision.

#3. When we accept an author into the Joint Publishing program - we are committing to your creative work. We view our business as being one of helping an author’s voice have the opportunity to be heard on almost any topic and from a wide range of perspectives. We are not in the business of selling loaves of bread.

#4. We are a substantially lower cost option than going it alone self-publishing via vanity press/coffee table book publishers. We ensure that your book is properly registered with the copyright office, the Library of Congress, has a legitimate ISBN imprint, includes an appropriate EAN compatible bar coding, and we handle several other elements of book publishing that, for the average author, makes going it alone and self-publishing a nightmare with a painful learning curve.


Marketing Programs

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  • Dedicated Web Sites

  • Share revenue 50-50

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