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Mary B. Artman

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The reason for this book is because of Words that I was given by our Lord and by the Thoughts He impressed on me. I felt the need to share with everyone the great love and understanding that God has for us. The glory does not go to me. I am just His vessel and doing my best like all humans to be obedient. Everyone has the capacity to receive Divine Knowledge. People need to look to the Lord and fill their lives with Love.

Mary B. Artman

Even in the throes of her (final) illness, she would reach out to people who touched her heart. Strangers to us received a hug, a smile, or a word of encouragement, God’s loyal warrior to the end. As her children, we want to preserve her writing and pass along to future generations a glimpse of the wonderful, thoughtful, and thoroughly human woman who we had the privilege to call "Mom".

Read, enjoy, and learn...

Jeannette L.. Artman

Barbara Chadwick

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Barbara Chadwick’s parents are the late Zola and Margaret Combs. Her father was from Kentucky. Her parents both loved the Lord and served the Lord for many years. Barbara has three children: Keith, Noreen, and Lori. She has grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She is well loved by all who meet her.

She preaches the Word and teaches Bible study at a small country church. She has preached for over 40 years. Her eyesight is failing her but because she knows the Word of God, she can preach by the Holy Spirit, and still get her message across to the congregation. She allows the Holy Spirit to have His way in the services and through her.

Through all of the hard times in her life, not once have I ever heard her say ‘I give up.’ I have heard her just praise the Lord and allow the Spirit to lift her up high like an eagle way above the clouds so she can see the light of day. The Lord is the lifter of her head and we are encouraged by her example to go on in our lives just as she has done in hers. She will continue to preach for as long as the Lord allows her to do so.

Mary E. Collett

Dennis Paul Lutz

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Dennis Paul Lutz was born in a small town in rural Pennsylvania in the year 1952. Being part of the baby boom after the second world war, he grew up on the cusp of the changing dynamic of the American landscape. He attended a small high school , with a graduating class of 100, but did not graduate. He received a G.E.D diploma in 1969 and went to work as a carpenter, a job he enjoyed until the age of 35. During his years as a carpenter, he attended Edinboro University Of Pennsylvania where he earned a B.A. In Speech and Hearing Disorders. In 1980, after returning to college, he earned a masters degree and certificate of clinical competency for the American Speech and Hearing Association. Dennis received post graduate training at Columbia Pacific University, Pennsylvania State University and Kent State University. He taught in the Speech-Language and Hearing Department at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania until his retirement in 2012.

Dennis lives in the small Pennsylvania town of Cambridge Springs with his wife of 40 years Jan, five cats and whatever else might roam the 18 acre property. He is an avid reader and cites as influences Kurt Vonnegut, Saul Bellow, J.D. Salinger and Tom Robbins to name a few. His hobbies at present are gardening, landscaping, hunting, playing the guitar and rousing the rabble.

Robert Finback

Vivian R. McHatton

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I grew up in the 1930’s, in the small town of Augusta, Montana. After World War II, I moved to Los Angeles where I met Howard Deighton.

I found myself in show business with him in Los Angeles, New York City, and then on to Las Vegas. I met and married Tom McHatton in Las Vegas, where we still live.

When Howard died in Las Vegas, I lost the best friend I ever had.

During the ten years that I worked with Howard, I never saw him angry or lose his temper and apparently, it was his way of life. As you read this book, you will become aware of the frequent phrase appearing often on the autographed photographs, that Howard was the best of all Stage Managers.

Vivian Randall McHatton

Mikkel Clair Nissen

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My intention in this book is to prove that one single voice, with the right words, can have the roar of a million and can influence the world by creating a precise understanding of democratic socialism—or to be more precise and use the latest terminology, “universal welfare society.” Thus, the more appropriate terminology to describe Marxism’s democratic passive-aggressive approach—rather than the usual obvious and complete fascist military takeover—would be “ambient socialism.” Thereby, simply with the weapon of irrefutable knowledge, Marxism can be immobilized. Quite simply, exposure will cause sudden awareness, and socialism, democratically, is less likely achieved once its awful emotional mind game has become common household knowledge. This book, therefore, is dedicated to liberty and the earth’s greatest individualistic culture, the United States of America.

Mikkel Clair Nissen

John Burwell Wilkes

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John Burwell Wilkes has had a varied career as an attorney, judge, and airline executive while maintaining a parallel military career with the United States Marine Corps. He earned a B.A. in English from Vanderbilt University in 1965 and entered Officer Candidate School before serving a tour of duty in Viet Nam where he commanded an artillery battery in combat and was awarded a Bronze Star w/ “V.”

After release from active duty, Wilkes remained in the reserve program and returned to Vanderbilt Law School for his JD degree in 1972 and earned his pilot’s license in 1973. As a reserve officer, he commanded an artillery battalion and held important positions in the Marine Corps Combat Readiness program. His military background and civilian positions resulted in many contacts and associations with the intelligence community. Colonel Wilkes retired from the Marine Corps in 1996. He then became active in the Air Force Auxiliary and served as a mission check pilot and Commander of the Mississippi Wing of the Civil Air Patrol. In civilian life, Wilkes has served as Executive VP of Capital International Airways, an international passenger carrier, CEO of Buffalo Airways, an international cargo carrier, and Executive VP of an airplane leasing company in Ireland. The associated worldwide travel, personal contacts with military, corporate leadership, and international figure heads all play into the characterization and plot of his novel. Wilkes resides seasonally on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and Michigan’s west coast as an active boater and past district commander of the United States Power Squadrons. His hobbies are flying and singing American and Irish folk songs accompanied by his guitar.

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