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excerpted from pg 17 - Poiema
The Great Physician

The Lord taught me that sometimes we work with doctors or people in psychiatry to bring into balance the physical, emotional, the reasoning and the spiritual. Jesus always took care of a person’s illness, whether mental or physical (if it impaired their thinking) before He talked about their soul. I have found that to offer salvation to someone who couldn’t handle it was to invite trouble. They need first to be able to make their own clear decisions.

Jesus straightened out people’s thinking in ministering to them, regardless if it was a case of an unclean spirit, illness, or just wrong thinking. 2 Timothy 1:7 says,” For God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” So, you see,
we can sometimes encourage people; get them started back on the right track again, with the Lord’s help. 

Sometimes we may even be honored enough to lead someone to Christ, then they are able after a while, to lean on Him more and more themselves.

excerpted from pg 23 - Poiema
A Friend That We Know

We share the Joy of a Friend we know
Who cares for us daily; His love helps us grow
And causes delights and faith to increase -
That Saviour of ours - the Prince of our Peace.

excerpted from pg 52 - Poiema
Eximus and Lucidious 

Eximus pulled up her pants and stared at the picture on the wall.

“Well,” she thought as she finished tightening the belt of the pants, “Now that I’ve taken my shower maybe I’ll feel more like a decent human being!” Her anger had been ignited by the current refusal of her plans. No big deal. She hadn’t wanted to get involved in a pyramid scheme, or to donate a thousand dollars to enable a shuttle launching.

The phone ringing interrupted her thoughts. She was out the door soon after to go help her sister into the house. Her sister had been in very poor health, emphysema, fluid, heart and other problems. Albeit, she had that sense of humor which belied the illness.

As Ex made Lucy comfortable, she noticed the apparent weakness in her legs. The swelling and rednesshad increased.Lucy had been going to a doctor in the area, so she would be visiting for at least two weeks.

Ex always enjoyed the visits, especially the sharing of hilarious memories. There were so many different ones. It seemed they never ran out of stories. There were also many misunderstandings cleared up. Each one in the same family. (and of course many mysteries solved).

There followed discoveries, which could also be called “mending” of misunderstandings in earlier years. One example, was when Eximus was four or five years old, she was crying for Lucy’s feelings had been hurt. Eximus promptly told her, “I’ll be your friend” and felt slighted because, it seemed, Lucy had ignored her hurt, broken support.

So as she and Lucy were visiting, years later, a strong thought occurred to Ex to ask her sister why she hadn’t responded. What a beautiful discovery resulted! Lucy turned, and stared at Ex in wonderment. “Why,” she said, “ I didn’t know that! I never heard you!”

So that Eximus and Lucidious had a warm and wonderful time together with a new closeness that resolved hurts brings.

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