Father, Is It You?

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Father, Is It You?
ISBN 978-1-63396-017-6
ISBN 10: 163396017X
Library of Congress Control Number: 2016960879

excerpted from pg 1 - Father, Is It You?

The phone rang about 6 AM and naturally I didn't put it by my bed last night like I usually do so I am stumbling half falling to get to it to see what tragedy is taking place cause that is the only time my phone rings that early. Guess what? It stops ringing just one ring...just enough to wake me and get my full attention. Picked up the phone, dial tone...took phone back to bedside but it never rang again. Probably wrong number. Now I am awake and it's too near time to get up to go back to sleep and I am disgusted, disgruntled and taking on a bad attitude to start the day with. You know what? I missed maybe an hour of sleep and I was ready to forget the full night of peaceful sleep that I had already experienced. What is wrong with this picture?

Isn't this like so many other experiences of life? We so easily forget all the good times and experiences that God allows us to have as soon as something disturbs our world. God is not like that with us. Even though we break his heart with ingratitude and forget all his blessings, he still loves, gives, and protects us! I am so glad that God is not moody. Please, Father, help me to put a smiley face on my heart.
~~~ thanks Father ~~~

Yesterday August slipped into our world and July faded away into the shadows of the past to be redressed and re-inspired to appear in a year yet to come. August, without fanfare of holiday gusto strode boldly on the scene holding out a hand of strength and beauty adorned with mature flowers and manicured lawns that held the balance of God's artistry up for all to enjoy. August has a message. It is a message of urgency that all who behold him need to enjoy his unique season for soon the beauty of summer will give way to the glory of fall. Time cannot stop for anyone, not even nature but must continue its changing powers and bring forth yet another new day of promises of wonders.

Lord, help me to be able to be still and enjoy the ever changing movement of your hand as you reveal new mercies, new adventures, new evidence of your love in the ever and consistent awakenings of mornings!
~~~ thanks Father ~~~

excerpted from pg 4 - Father, Is It You?

Let me tell you about the life of the elderly. When we get up in the morning, there is no job to rush to so we leisurely have our breakfast and balance chores for the day according to our ability to perform. We exercise bodies that have served us well for many years and spend our day doing whatever makes us happy. We don't have to leave the comfort of our home to see our children for they faithfully come to see us and to help or do chores we cannot do anymore. There is no arguments, stress or fears in the house because they are not welcome here. Peace and love are our companions. So don't feel sorry for old folks. Instead enjoy the journey to what lies ahead for you who are young because being "old folks" isn't so bad.

The greatest pleasures of life are the living it. God has arranged to have each season full of special things, people, and times. When we rush to the finish line, we fail to see all the beauty that surrounds each day. There is little in life that is worth losing out on the big picture to dwell on the sadness of a day.
~~~ thanks Father ~~~

When we say goodnight, I sit on the edge of the bed and look into the eyes of the man who has made my life so good and contented and I know in my heart that the silent look that he is giving me is saying unspeakable words. Suddenly he speaks of the good years we have had together as if waiting for confirmation that he has done a good job in his role of husband. Tears sit on the edge of my eyes as I see the deep well of love in his questioning eyes. I answer him not from my mouth alone, but from a place deep inside that knows that we are aware that saying good night is not enough at our age and health condition, because we could be saying good-bye until we meet again in heaven. So with sincere words of love we make sure that we acknowledge that life without the other is just breathing.

As surely as we may be saying “good-bye” to the one we love, we also may be saying “hello” in person to the Father of us all. Each day we need to reaffirm to Him that life is good here because He has loved us and is our life and so until we say “good morning to you in person.”
~~~ thanks Father ~~~

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