Dennis Paul Lutz

Dennis Paul Lutz

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Dennis Paul Lutz was born in a small town in rural Pennsylvania in the year 1952. Being part of the baby boom after the second world war, he grew up on the cusp of the changing dynamic of the American landscape. He attended a small high school , with a graduating class of 100, but did not graduate. He received a G.E.D diploma in 1969 and went to work as a carpenter, a job he enjoyed until the age of 35. During his years as a carpenter, he attended Edinboro University Of Pennsylvania where he earned a B.A. In Speech and Hearing Disorders. In 1980, after returning to college, he earned a masters degree and certificate of clinical competency for the American Speech and Hearing Association. Dennis received post graduate training at Columbia Pacific University, Pennsylvania State University and Kent State University. He taught in the Speech-Language and Hearing Department at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania until his retirement in 2012.

Dennis lives in the small Pennsylvania town of Cambridge Springs with his wife of 40 years Jan, five cats and whatever else might roam the 18 acre property. He is an avid reader and cites as influences Kurt Vonnegut, Saul Bellow, J.D. Salinger and Tom Robbins to name a few. His hobbies at present are gardening, landscaping, hunting, playing the guitar and rousing the rabble.

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