Seeing God In Every Day Life

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Seeing God In Every Day Life
ISBN 978-1-63396-015-2
ISBN 10: 1633960153
Library of Congress Control Number: 􀀕􀀓􀀔􀀘􀀜􀀖􀀘􀀓􀀘􀀓2014948808

excerpted from pg 1 - Seeing God in Every Day Life

There is no whisper of wind this morning, no blaring sounds to be heard. It is almost as if the birds are still asleep and all of nature is waiting for the orders of the day; a still life picture in place that will soon affect and be affected by the plan that God has for his creation today. Each plant, each tree, each ray of sun, and each wisp of wind will bow to his loving authority feeling the pleasure of his touch and knowing that it is of the highest privilege to be a part of his world! Man can cut the grass, plant the flower seed and trim the trees but we cannot make them grow!

There is a realm of unseen and quiet power behind the curtain of sight that rules and reigns! Without reason or need the huge hand of a mighty Creator reaches down his hand and tenderly picks up man watching ever so intently not to crush him, drawing him to his breast, and tenderly soothing his fears and encouraging his trembling heart.

~~~thanks Father ~~~

What the devil meant for evil, God will make it good. God is not allergic to our messes. He is in the business of cleaning up messy lives and making all things new.

~~~faithful is He who promised ~~~

I will go to church today. I will sing and dance and make a joyful noise unto the Lord. I will bow my heart in contrition unto a holy God. I will raise my eyes to look upon his beauty. I will surrender to the authority of his will and find peace for my soul and contentment for my hungry heart. I will sense his powerful presence as I stand at the altar and present my body a living sacrifice and he will accept my offering. I can do none of these things...they are impossible... except for the cross on which Jesus bought me a package of power to fulfill them all. The cross truly makes the difference! Don't ever underestimate the continuing value of the cross in our lives!! Thank you Jesus and

~~~thanks Father ~~~

excerpted from pg 6 - Seeing God in Every Day Life

I know you are thinking that everyone is talking about you but you would probably be hurt if you knew how few people actually care enough to think or talk about you. The only one that you can be sure is thinking about you is the Lord and you couldn't impress him anyway because he already knows all about you and loves you without measure. In our life people come and go but Jesus comes and stays.

~~~faithful is He who has promised ~~~

Living in the country has a depth of beauty all its own. The sounds that are heard on a regular basis are not the same as heard in the city. When we talk about traffic, we are talking about several cars not many cars. When a horn blows here, we look to see what danger or unusual sight we might see. In the morning hours here the only sounds are the birds chirping, a lone dog barking and the sound of a rooster up the road crowing. To some this must sound boring and uneventful but to those of us to whom it is home, we linger in the wonder of thankfulness for the less stressful life and look with intrigue to those who daily deal with the busy bustle of city life. In each life there is created a space called home. It has no definition, only a feeling that we once felt in the innocence of childhood memories and sounds, smells and sights.

There is a part of us that longs for the sights, sounds and emotional satisfaction that we somehow sense and it longs for the eternal. Eternal home, eternal sights, eternal sounds of angels and all that makes a home we call heaven. That longing is God-given like a solar direction device directing us home!

~~~ thanks Father~~~

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