and the Weapon of Guilt

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Manipulism and the Weapon of Guilt
ISBN13: 978-1-63396-025-1
ISBN10: 1-63396-025-0
Library of Congress Control Number: 2015939944

excerpted from pg 1-2 - Manipulism and the Weapon of Guilt


For several years I have felt obligated to tell my side of this story, especially since the climate convention COP15 in Copenhagen in December 2009, where Oprah Winfrey visited Denmark and later proclaimed that Danes were the happiest people in the world. She was supported by data from Dr. Adrian White, PhD in sociology from the British University of Leicester. Ironically, for over five decades—in the era 1950–2006—Denmark’s suicide rate has averaged just about double that of the United States. Also, Denmark has a much higher rate of alcohol consumption. Moreover, in the same five decades, Denmark’s suicide rate has averaged almost triple that of the United Kingdom, countries with the exact same climates. In addition, Denmark has one of the world’s highest consumption rates of antidepressant medications, a rate that is steadily on the rise. Undeniably, Denmark’s suicide rate has been reduced to a more moderate rate. These statistics are nonetheless deeply misleading since excessive usage of suppressant medications in Denmark are responsible for subordinating, in addition to obscuring, what would otherwise be a much higher suicide rate. Something here simply does not add up, making it difficult for me to agree with Oprah. Unfortunately, all countries have a darker side of the obvious truth.

Not much longer than a decade ago, the way I thought and acted was absolutely no different than the thoughts and actions of any of my fellow citizens. I acted impulsively and subconsciously, indoctrinated with my country’s oppressive inhibitive mentality. My intellectual transformation took place slowly, after having traveled and worked for many years abroad.

In the same way that a religious person might spread the news, I proudly promoted Denmark’s collective way of thinking by telling everyone the story about the great and wonderful country named Denmark and bragging equally as much about how great it was to be a Dane.

I slowly began to compare the reality I grew up in to the reality I encountered in the United States, Australia, and Spain. This comparison brought me to see a completely different truth about my own country. It was a reality that few Danes had seen before then. After living a life as a socialist and absolute nationalist who promoted my country as open and caring, I now felt totally deceived when confronted with the reality. I felt embarrassed by the fact that I had personally traveled the world for so many years promoting socialism and a nation that was, and still is, absolutely contrary to what I claimed. Indeed, Denmark is a deprived society living in absolute denial.

excerpted from pg 15-16 - Manipulism and the Weapon of Guilt


Collectivists will read this book, but in an attempt to deny the evidence, they will not really read it thoroughly. Instead, they subconsciously will look for ways to distract themselves from the facts. Any excuse is valid. If it is not looking for spelling mistakes, then it will be looking for research errors. Then they would want to see proof of a PhD, yet even a PhD would not be enough. Unless of course one uses the PhD to establish how happy Danes are. A collectivist will always deny, belittle, and intimidate, but never truly research. Severe pathological narcissism (more precisely a mindset referred to in psychology as “magical thinking”) is the key to collectivism’s progression, survival, and continuance.

I once sat admiring my daughter, aged six, doing crazy things interactively with a children’s program on TV. At one point she glanced at me, smiled, and said, “Am I not skilled daddy?” “Yes, you are very, very clever,” I replied. The situation made me think about the mental freedom that my daughter still possesses. A mental freedom still liberated from my country’s oppressive collectivist mentality: the right to be her unique self and confidently express herself freely. She will be deprived of this mental freedom by Marxism’s powerful emotional iron grip here in Denmark if I do not teach her how to protect herself from it. This mental prison is an oppressive collectivist mentality that has been misunderstood and misinterpreted through almost a century. It is perceived simply to be Scandinavian culture, described as the Jante Law.

The Jante Law/Subliminal Conditioning (Malignant Narcissistic Coercion)

Don’t think you are anything special!
Don’t think you are as good as us!
Don’t think you are wiser than us!
Don’t convince yourself that you are better than us!
Don’t think you know more than us!
Don’t think you are more important than us!
Don’t think you are good at anything!
Don’t laugh at us!
Don’t think anyone cares about you!
Don’t think you can teach us anything!

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