Mary B. Artman

Mary B. Artman

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The reason for this book is because of Words that I was given by our Lord and by the Thoughts He impressed on me. I felt the need to share with everyone the great love and understanding that God has for us. The glory does not go to me. I am just His vessel and doing my best like all humans to be obedient. Everyone has the capacity to receive Divine Knowledge. People need to look to the Lord and fill their lives with Love.

Mary B. Artman

Even in the throes of her (final) illness, she would reach out to people who touched her heart. Strangers to us received a hug, a smile, or a word of encouragement, God’s loyal warrior to the end. As her children, we want to preserve her writing and pass along to future generations a glimpse of the wonderful, thoughtful, and thoroughly human woman who we had the privilege to call "Mom".

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