Barbara Chadwick

Barbara Chadwick

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Barbara Chadwick’s parents are the late Zola and Margaret Combs. Her father was from Kentucky. Her parents both loved the Lord and served the Lord for many years. Barbara has three children: Keith, Noreen, and Lori. She has grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She is well loved by all who meet her.

She preaches the Word and teaches Bible study at a small country church. She has preached for over 40 years. Her eyesight is failing her but because she knows the Word of God, she can preach by the Holy Spirit, and still get her message across to the congregation. She allows the Holy Spirit to have His way in the services and through her.

Through all of the hard times in her life, not once have I ever heard her say ‘I give up.’ I have heard her just praise the Lord and allow the Spirit to lift her up high like an eagle way above the clouds so she can see the light of day. The Lord is the lifter of her head and we are encouraged by her example to go on in our lives just as she has done in hers. She will continue to preach for as long as the Lord allows her to do so.

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